The 2-year-old declawed feline enjoys sitting back and observing his surroundings and cuddling with people he trusts

June is Adopt-a-Shelter Cat month and it’s our mission to help felines everywhere find a place to call home. Today, we’d like you to meet Louie, a 2-year-old Turkish Van mix.

When Louie’s family moved from the Akron, Ohio, area in May, he and his brother, Oliver, were surrendered to the Paws & Prayers animal rescue. Oliver got lucky and found his forever home pretty quickly, but Louis is still looking.

The declawed young kitty can be shy: At a recent adoption event, he was taken on stage to be shown and he buried his little head in a volunteer’s arms. “He knew he was the center of attention and did not like it,” says Laura Engle, a Paws & Prayers volunteer. “He’s pretty quiet but he lets people handle him just fine.”

This introvert would much rather sit back and observe his surroundings. “He stays toward the back of his cage, but I think it’s just him,” Engle says. “He likes to just chill at the back and watch what’s going on.”

Given a chance to warm up, Louie is affectionate and will let you pet him or will hop onto a comfy lap to cuddle. Because of his skittishness, though, Louie would be happiest in a “calmer home” without young children.

Call Paws & Prayers at 330-475-8300 for information on how you can adopt Louie.

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