This sweet pitbull mix won a editor’s heart and now needs a forever home

By Rennie Dyball
Updated July 26, 2012 07:00 PM

Home. Some pets never have one to call their own. We’d like to help change that by introducing you to an extraordinary adoptable pet every week. Today, we’d like you to meet Hunny, a dog who is as sweet as they come, and who apparently thinks catnaps should have a different name.

Hunny just loves a good snooze. She’s currently doing exactly that at my feet, snoring away after an exciting walk in the park. A championship sleeper, this is what Hunny does most of the time when we’re home. I’ve been fostering her for a couple of weeks and can’t say enough about this dog.

Much as I’d like to keep her forever, as a editor who shares a New York City-sized 1-bedroom apartment with her husband, I don’t have the lifestyle or the space to give this dog what she deserves. I’ll be happy when she does get adopted, but it’ll be pretty heartbreaking to let her go – that’s how special Hunny is.

A pitbull mix, Hunny is a worthy ambassador of the oft-misunderstood breed. She’s a total sweetie who is incredibly gentle, polite, loves everyone she meets (kids included!), and she’s 100-percent housebroken. She was brought into a shelter as a stray, found wandering around upper Manhattan after having puppies.

She spent about five weeks in the shelter, wowing the staff with her disposition and easygoing personality, before an amazing organization called the Bully Project took her out of the shelter and brought her to live with me.

It took all of two minutes for Hunny to lay down, Superman-style, on my living room floor and relax. In the days that followed, I learned that Hunny knows how to be a good dog on a walk (smiling that contagious pittie smile proudly when she walks calmly at my side) and is ready to show off her “sit” at any time.

One day, I brought her to Riverside Park, where she was wowed by the freshly manicured grass. After copious amounts of sniffing, I asked her to lie down. Soon, she flipped over onto her back. I’ve never seen a happier dog in my life than when Hunny discovered she could wiggle on her back in the grass – the ultimate doggie massage. Watch her do her signature wiggle in the video below, pausing only to munch on some grass.

I have no idea whether Hunny had ever done that before, and since she can’t tell me, I’ll never know. But she looks nothing but grateful every time I take her to the park.

Hunny is so deserving of a forever home and people who will share the best things in life with her, from sunny patches in the grass and beyond.

Read more about this easy keeper here and if you’re interested in adopting her, email