"The Grand Canyon will have to wait," Knight said, as he welcomed a new furry family member named Traveler 
Credit: Source Instagram

We’re calling him “To the Rescue” Knight from now on!

The actor T.R. Knight deserves the new name after rescuing a dog from a freeway as he embarked on a trip to the Grand Canyon — the ordeal turned into an adoption, which drastically changed his travel plans.

According to an Instagram post, Knight spotted a little dog darting back and forth on a busy roadway.

“He was emaciated with his ribs and hip bones poking through, covered in ticks and fleas,” said the Grey’s Anatomy actor, who had already made stops in Kansas and Colorado with his own dogs.

Knight scooped up “the brave little guy” and took him to Canyon Pet Hospital in Arizona where staff there spent 2 hours removing hundreds of ticks from the dog’s body. At some point during the rescue, Knight knew his Grand Canyon travel plans had to change.

“The Grand Canyon will have to wait, as we welcome our newest family member,” he wrote on Instagram with a photo of the team who helped treat the dog. “Meet Traveler, a sweetheart (even when he is pooping all over me in the pet store). Another adventure begins!”