Active Pets Plush Calming Dog Bed, Donut Dog Bed for Small Dogs, Medium

Pet Owners Say Their Energetic Pups 'Melt' Into This Calming Donut Dog Bed — and It's on Sale

“My very anxious dachshund has been transformed”
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We spend so much effort transforming our beds into a cloud-like haven to foster restful sleep — and your dog deserves the same courtesy. There are so many dog beds on the market, so why stop at getting just a comfortable pet bed, when you could get one that's also calming and supportive? That's why thousands of pet parents love this fluffy donut pet bed that's designed to help dogs and cats with their anxiety — and it's currently on sale for 45 percent off. 

The best-selling Active Pets Plus Calming Donut Pet Bed is filled with squishy yet supportive cotton and it's lined with soft faux fur that's perfect for your pup to sleep on. Pets can curl and burrow into the donut bed thanks to its round shape. It has a raised rim to support your dog or cat's head and neck. Moreover, it has a slip-resistant and waterproof bottom, so it doesn't slide around your home — and it's machine-washable on a gentle cycle.

Buy It! Active Pets Plus Calming Donut Pet Bed, $24.61 (orig. $44.96);

If you're skeptical about the calming properties of this plush donut bed, take it from over 1,400 pet parents who gave it a five-star rating because it's soft, lightweight, and comfortable for their pups. One shopper said that their energetic puppy "melted into it right away," while another commented that they're pup loves the bed so much that they "take a flying leap into it, landing comfortably in the well-cushioned bottom pillow."

"The bed was super soft and fluffy," a five-star reviewer said. "She has cancer and this bed is comfortable, snuggly, and it seems to soothe her. That's where she prefers to be most of the time. So happy I found this great pet bed."

Another shopper wrote, "I was skeptical that this would actually make a difference, and have any 'calming' charms — but my very anxious dachshund has been transformed! She settled into the plush pillow, and relaxed and smiled the entire two hour car drive — which normally requires that she be restrained in an enclosed cage for her safety and mine. I only wish we'd found this years ago."

Whether you're getting this pet bed for your golden retriever, pomeranian, or American short hair, this calming donut pet bed comes in three sizes and four colors to fit your preferences. Head to Amazon today to get it on sale for 45 percent off, while the deal lasts.

Buy It! Active Pets Plus Calming Donut Pet Bed, $24.61 (orig. $44.96);