Grecia the toucan had his beak cut off by a group of children in Costa Rica

Grecia is one of the many wild animals left scarred by abuse and human negligence.

The toucan from Costa Rica had his beak chopped off by a groups of kids while living in the rainforest, leaving him unable to eat and care for himself. Luckily, the injured bird ended up in the hands of the Zoo Ave Animal Refuge Center, where the staff dedicate themselves to making Grecia’s beak whole once more.

During the bird’s search for a new nose, his story and image spread across the country sparking outrage among animal lovers. Activists moved by Grecia’s tale, started protests demanding harsher penalties for animal cruelty in Costa Rica.

The toucan with half a beak and no voice turned out to be one of the loudest champions of animal rights in Costa Rica, helping to create positive changes in how his country handles animal abuse.

At the same time activists were fighting for Grecia, veterinarian were working to create a 3D printed beak for the bird to offer him a new lease on life.

Find out how the toucan adjusted to his new nose and changed the world by tuning in to Toucan Nation, the uplifting movie about Grecia’s struggle, on Animal Planet on August 24 at 10 p.m.