Rumble the puppy is working hard to recover and recently started eating on his own

By Kelli Bender
September 06, 2018 05:39 PM
Credit: Courtesy Erica McCarthy

After rumbling and tumbling with the worst life has to offer, Rumble the puppy is ready for the next chapter.

The tiny pup was found dumped in the bushes of a Clarkston, Michigan, mobile home park on July 24 when he was just 5 or 6 weeks old. A Good Samaritan found the canine, covered in maggots and clinging to life, and contacted a volunteer from Canine Companions Rescue Center, which is currently caring for the pup, according to the rescue’s operation manager Erica McCarthy.

After being found, Rumble was rushed to a local animal hospital and surprised everyone by making it through the night, which was especially shocking after doctors found that the puppy had a skull fracture from blunt force trauma.

Credit: Courtesy Erica McCarthy

Unfortunately, this injury, and others found on the dog, have resulted in brain damage that is affecting Rumble’s ability to regulate his body temperature, develop an appetite and get around on his own.

“For a little over a month-and-a-half he didn’t really have much of a personality due to the damage sustained from the injuries. He is now becoming spunky at times and starting to pick up and play with toys,” McCarthy tells PEOPLE.

Credit: Courtesy Erica McCarthy

Canine Companions Rescue Center took the puppy to an animal neurology center, which is helping the dog build enough strength to start down his long road to recovery.

Thanks to Rumble’s fighting spirit, growing fanbase and progress so far, the rescue is hoping that the puppy will be able to battle his way to a new, happy life.

Credit: Courtesy Erica McCarthy

He is currently healing at a foster home and “recovering slowly,” McCarthy says. Not surprisingly, he has already attracted a lot of attention from potential adopters, but Rumble isn’t ready to find his forever family just yet. He is focused on getting well before thinking about his next big move.
“As time goes on we will learn the extent of the damage and what will be normal and will remain injured for life, if anything,” McCarthy adds.
Rumble’s most recent success was the removal of his feeding tubes. The dog can now eat on his own.

Credit: Courtesy Erica McCarthy

Those responsible for his injuries were found; they have each been charged with one count of misdemeanor animal cruelty, according to the rescue, and will be arraigned on Sept. 17.

“If you ‘see something, say something.’ If you see an animal being abused or neglected, call your local animal control. Speak for those that cannot speak for themselves,” McCarthy says on how you can help dogs like Rumble.

You can also donate to Rumble’s care by visiting Canine Companions Rescue Center’s website or Facebook page; the latter will also be posting regular Rumble updates.