Adorable Gladys is recovering well following her horrible ordeal

By Amy Jamieson
December 14, 2014 05:50 PM

Just a few weeks ago, she was dumped by the side of the road like trash.

Now, that same neglected dog named Gladys is on the road to recovery – and her story is sure to inspire many this holiday season.

Two days before Thanksgiving, Karen Herrera was out for a morning walk in Fontana, California, and discovered the unimaginable: a little dog in need of serious medical attention, left for dead in a tied-up trash bag.

“She was there inside the bag. She was scared and cold,” Herrera told KTLA News. “I patted her on the back of her spine and she started, she was bleeding.”

Herrera called the police, according to KTLA, and another good Samaritan stopped and wrapped Gladys – who suffered from bite marks and a painful skin condition called mange – in a blanket until animal officers arrived.

While Gladys’s previous tormenters are still at large, the friendly pooch was taken in by Sunshine Haven Animal Rescue & Wildlife Rehabilitation sanctuary in Riverside, California, where she’s been getting plenty of TLC, comfort, and gentle baths to help clear up her mange.

“Time to be hugged and loved until all dried up!” reads one Facebook post showing the pup wrapped in a towel after a bath. Another Facebook pic of Gladys’s painful sores reads: “A very gentle soul who deserves all the love she can get.”

According to the rescue’s Facebook page, the resilient little pooch could be available for adoption in six weeks.