Abused Pit Bull Missing Half Her Face Is Now Getting All the Love She Never Had (VIDEO)

Khalessi may have been used as a bait animal for other fighting dogs



Khalessi had a backstory that wouldn’t seem out of place in the blood-soaked story lines of Game of Thrones. The year-and-a-half-old pit bull was discovered in an Orlando, Florida, backyard. She was emaciated and unable to walk.

Even more horrifically, the Orange County Animal Services officer discovered the dog had no nasal passage or upper jaw. The person who reported the dog said it had been in the yard for four days but didn’t provide any further information about her history. Vets believe she may have been used as a bait dog for other fighting dogs.

But Stephanie Paquin, the founder of Passion 4 Pits, a rescue shelter in St. Petersburg, says Khalessi has a remarkably sanguine disposition in spite of the rough hand she’s been dealt in life.

“As soon as we went into the clinic to see her, she was just so ridiculously happy for attention,” Paquin told the Orlando Sentinel. “It’s exceedingly rare that she can be as forgiving and trusting as she is because she has been through so much she’s met hundreds of people and never once shown any reaction other than happiness.”

Khalessi will probably need about six surgeries, including reconstruction of her nasal cavity, dental work and work on her atrophied hind legs, which Paquin says show injuries consistent with blunt force trauma, as if she’d been hit with a baseball bat.

Paquin says that Khalessi isn’t in any pain, just occasional discomfort. About $35,000 has been raised to help with her recovery; if you’d like to donate, please make your way to her YouCaring page.

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