May 03, 2016 06:16 PM

May 3 is Specially-Abled Pet Day, and we have the perfect pup to celebrate. 

After suffering traumatizing physical abuse, including be kept inside a pantry, Master Splinter finally found a safe, happy forever home, where he’s been slowly regaining strength and healing for almost a year now.

Splinter, who is blind, partially deaf and mostly bald, has a new loving owner who posts health updates — and sweet videos of belly rubs — to the dog’s Facebook page. (Side note: He has more friends than you.)

Here’s a standard portrait of his days, now blissful and cuddly: 

“Our mornings are pretty routine here. We wake up, carry Splinter to ‘number 1’ outside, then he dashes into the kitchen guided by the sound of the dish clinks,” his owner writes.

“He waits patiently turning his head left to right gauging where we are in the food preparation. When he hears his dish clinks on the tile he is off to the races.”

Another update: Master Splinter just got new sandals after a “never ending journey to find the Nut comfort and stylish footwear,” as his paws were severely damaged. (“Nut” seems to be the pup’s nickname.)

“Splinter worked at it and worked at it to get his rhythm with his new sandals. Of course after all that exercise and exploring, he must take a refreshing nap on his mom THEN out at it again,” a recent Facebook post read. “12 years may be how long he’s been on earth, but it’s not the age of his spirit. He’s using his challenges as stepping stones. This boy is on fire!”

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