Better grab a poncho because you're in the splash zone

By Kelli Bender
July 05, 2017 05:50 PM

Someone is making a splash!

Abby the Pink Piggy spent her holiday weekend getting wet and wild in her kiddie pool. Of course, it was a pink kiddie pool.

The Instagram-famous swine, who has over 87,000 followers, is a long-time supporter of helping pigs get their sea legs.

By sea legs, we mean the ability to adorably splash about and do goofy stretches.

Because for Abby, a pool day isn’t considered successful until all the water that was inside the pool is on the outside of the pool.

Along with demonstrating the importance of keeping your pet pig cool and entertained, Abby serves as a great example of the actual pet you’re getting when you adopt a pig into your life.

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While many pigs start off an adorable “tea cup” size, many of them grow into “adorable” adults that weigh several hundred pounds, and need certain amenities to stay happy and healthy.

Like, for instance, a perfectly pink kiddie pool to cool down in during the “hog days” of summer.