Abandoned Mother Cat and Kittens Saved from Sealed Hot Box

The mother cat and her babies are now recuperating at Ten Lives Club and are getting ready for a new home

A mother cat and her five newborn kittens are cooling down after being sealed in a box and abandoned in a hot parking lot.

The helpless felines were – luckily – discovered by Ken Lyons, a volunteer from Ten Lives Club cat rescue in Blasdell, New York, reports WIVB.

Lyons found the box, which was duct-taped shut, in the sunny parking lot without a note. The volunteer immediately freed the cat and her kittens and brought them to Ten Lives Club.

“TLC wants [the] public to know whomever did this, it is not acceptable,” Marie Edwards, of the Ten Lives Club, said. “You do not leave live animals in sealed boxes at any shelter or elsewhere.”


The furry family is doing well, but they will need about $1,000 worth of medical treatment before they are ready for adoption. All of the cats will stay at the rescue until they are ready to be placed in a foster home. TLC is hoping for donations to help them cover the litter’s medical expenses.

“We are asking the public’s support in helping us with donations towards this mom and her babies,” Edwards said. “Abandonment of such animals is against the law, and whomever did this … could be charged with animal cruelty.”

Visit TLC’s website for more details on how to donate to these kitties looking for a second chance.

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