Abandoned, Injured Puppy Saved by Walkers Playing Pokémon Go

Two Texans found a puppy with broken legs abandoned in a bag while searching for Pokémon


Have you heard of Angry Birds saving lives?

The newest app sensation, Pokémon Go, is not only bringing people together to catch them all, it’s also helping real life animals.

During a walk around their Lufkin, Texas, neighborhood, Kaitlin Kouts and Tiffany Revay, decided to starting searching for Pokémon through the popular game. While scavenging for virtual Pokémon in a nearby park, Kouts got a notification that a Jigglypuff was near by. Eager to add the creature to her collection, she followed the Jigglypuff’s trail, but found something shocking and real instead.

“Instead of a Jigglypuff, I found a puppy,” Kouts told KTRE. “The puppy was laying by the tree and a trash bag and could not move. His mouth was bleeding, he wasn’t moving very much. He looked like he was in pain. We found out his back leg was broken. His gums were pale and blue and so were his ears.”

Kouts and Revay immediately started asking neighbors about the injured puppy, but no one knew where the dog came from. The pair lost track of time during their search for answers, and forgot they ordered a pizza before their walk. After asking several people about the pup, they received a call from the delivery man, Skyler Jerke, asking if they were home to get the delivery. After the women explained the situation, the delivery man said he would meet them and the dog and try to help.

Along with his delivery job, Jerke is also a certified EMT, so he grabbed his kit, met Kouts, Revay, and the puppy, and he immediately started treating the animal.

“It just had to be a sign that we were going to be okay and we were going to get help,” Kouts said. “That is just insane that our pizza guy knew about injuries and things like that. “

After getting help from his pizza savior, the puppy was transported to Lone Star Veterinary Clinic, where he is awaiting surgery to help fix his broken legs.

The clinic has named the dog Pokey, after the game that saved his life. Once Pokey has recovered from all his injuries, he will be fostered and adopted out. To keep track of his progress and help with his medical costs, visit Pokey’s GoFundMe page.

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