January 04, 2011 07:30 PM

Princess is a diamond in the rough, and how rough it has been.

This 6-month-old greyhound mix had been abandoned. She was alone, malnourished and, until very recently, was too sensitive even to be touched.

Princess suffers from a severe case of demodectic mange, which has left her without hair and with constantly itchy skin – so delicate that she still has to wear clothes in the summer in order to stay warm.

A month ago, she was taken in by the Bleakholt Animal Sanctuary in England, where she underwent mite-killing treatment for the mange.

“She’s the saddest looking dog we’ve ever seen,” said Bleakholt’s manager, Neil Martin. “She was emotionally starved and she didn’t know how to take affection. It’s only recently that she’s started learning how to enjoy a cuddle and play.”

Though her hair is growing back and she is slowly learning things –like how to bark– Princess is still in isolation at the sanctuary because of her condition. The medical care alone is projected to cost more than $15,000 and, according to Bleakholt, Princess will possibly need ongoing treatments for the rest of her life.

She’s going to have support, though. Said Martin, “We want to turn Princess’s sad face into a happy one.”

To keep up with Princess and her recovery, check out her Facebook page.

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