Luna appeared onstage with the Southwest Virginia Ballet for three of the company's "Nutcracker" performances before moving in with a loving foster family to continue her medical treatment
Dog found tied to pole makes Roanoke “Nutcracker” appearance
Credit: Angels of Assisi

Luna the dog is finally getting some holiday cheer.

According to Angels of Assissi — an animal shelter in Roanoke, Virginia — someone abandoned Luna the dog in a local park tied to a pole. Animal control picked up the canine in late November and brought her to Angels of Assissi, where vets found the pup to be in "horrific condition."

"We don't know how anyone could leave her, especially in this horrific condition, but we will do everything we can to help her heal. She is extremely malnourished and has Lyme disease that has started to affect her kidney function. She is in critical condition and is touch and go. Our medical team has her set up on IV fluids to help her kidneys and has placed her on antibiotics," the shelter wrote on Facebook after receiving the dog.

While Luna's initial diagnosis was a bit bleak, the white and black pooch has shown she is a fighter. Luna regained the "sparkle of hope in her eyes" a few days after arriving at Angels of Assisi and beginning her recovery, according to the shelter.

On Dec. 6, Angels of Assissi updated their over 37,000 Facebook followers on Luna's condition, sharing that the canine was "getting stronger by the day."

Dog found tied to pole makes Roanoke “Nutcracker” appearance
Credit: Angels of Assisi

"She is still on antibiotics to treat her Lyme disease and on a strict feeding regime to help her gain weight. Right now, the goal is to get her stronger and help her gain some weight. Once Luna is at a healthier weight, she will be able to go under anesthesia to have a mass removed from her side and be spayed. We are also VERY excited to announce that she will be going to her foster home later this week to continue to heal out of the hospital environment," the shelter added.

Luna's sweet face and perseverant personality enchanted many, including those responsible for the Southwest Virginia Ballet's performances of "The Nutcracker" at the Berglund Center. The ballet company invited Luna to take the stage for several of their "Nutcracker" shows, WSLS reported.

Luna drew cheers from the crowd every time she appeared on stage in her festive vest. Her fellow performers said the dog did a great job and seemed more energetic each day.

"Everybody in the ballet has been so wonderful to her," Angels of Assisi, the shelter's executive director Lisa O'Neill, told WSLS. "They've brought treats. They've showered her with love and affection."

After three days of special appearances in "The Nutcracker," Luna moved in with her foster family, who will provide the pup with a cozy, loving environment while she continues her treatment.

"We are so happy this sweet girl has such a loving home to continue to heal. She will continue to come back for medical care, so stay tuned for more updates," Angels of Assissi posted on Facebook on Monday.