Sansa the Polydactyl Cat boasts over 22,000 followers on Instagram
Sansa the cat
| Credit: Sansa the Polydactyl Cat/Instagram

Introducing Sansa the Polydactyl Cat!

The newest internet sensation, Sansa is a six-year-old snowy cat from New York City who was born with heterochromia, a rare condition that causes her to have different-colored eyes.

But that's not all: Along with heterochromia, Sansa also has hyperesthesia, a type of seizure disorder, and the stunning feline was diagnosed at birth with polydactyly, a condition that causes cats to be born with extra toes. She has six toes on her front paws — which gives her paws a mitten-like appearance — and four and five toes on her hind paws.

After being abandoned by her owners at a shelter in NYC when she was just over a year old, Sansa was adopted by new owner Karen, who is running the feline's Instagram account (@sansa.thecat) that boasts over 22,000 followers.

Karen, who has worked with special-needs children for over a decade, told Gwen Cooper in a new interview that she fell in love with Sansa when she and her husband, Jack, visited a Manhattan Petco adoption event earlier this year.

"Sansa was the only cat who was hiding and whose face we couldn't see." Karen told the outlet. "Her write-up stated that she had recently been abandoned by the only family she had ever known, and was suffering from anxiety and heartbreak."

"Even though the other cats at the event were extremely friendly and affectionate and Sansa was the complete opposite, I really wanted to interact with her," she added. "I fell in love with her immediately."

The next day, Karen and Jack took Sansa home with them.

"She has really come out of her shell and has become an extremely loving and social cat," Karen said. "She sits on our lap on the couch every day and sleeps on the bed with us every night. She seems to know whenever Jack or I aren't feeling well, and will stay right by our sides. She is the most caring and loving cat I've ever met!"

Regarding Sansa's hyperesthesia, Karen said the pet feline "has good and bad days, but usually has at least one episode a day." Karen did note that medication has improved Sansa's condition.

"I love her huge personality.  I love how unique she is with her gorgeous eyes and polydactyl paws," Karen said of Sansa. "I love how playful and mischievous she is, just like any 'normal' cat."