When the SSPCA found the cat, named Dillan, he was extremely emaciated

By Amy Jamieson
Updated March 29, 2016 07:18 PM

A feline left in an apartment for three months after his owner moved away survived by drinking a toilet dry.

According to the Scottish SPCA, who posted a Facebook post about the neglected feline, the Dunbartonshire, Scotland, woman has been convicted of abandoning her cat following its investigation.

When the SSPCA found the cat, named Dillan, he was extremely emaciated.

“His bones were prominent and he was very subdued and weak,” reads a Facebook post shared on March 24. “There was also no water in the toilet at the flat, indicating he had drunk it dry.”

Dillan went without food or water for a period of three months said the SSPCA, during which a vet said Dillan suffered horribly. If he had been left there a week or two more he would have definitely died, the vet said.

“Thankfully Dillan made a full recovery in our care and has since been re-homed to a loving new owner,” said the SSPCA’s Facebook post.

The woman — identified in a press release as Jodi Ann Chapman, 36, of Alexandria — stated she had moved out of her flat but didn’t realize her cat was still dwelling at the property.

On March 23, Chapman pled guilty to abandoning her cat. She was banned from keeping, owning or taking charge of any animal for five years and fined.