Aaron Carter Speaks Out After Being Accused of Flipping Dogs for Profit

"You always risk people misunderstanding you when you say anything," the pop star reflected on Twitter

Aaron Carter is speaking out after he was slammed by allegations that he adopts dogs to sell them for profit.

The 31-year-old singer came under fire after he went on Instagram Live to share a video of his new English bulldog that he adopted from the Lancaster Animal Care Center in California.

In the since-deleted or expired video, Carter was reportedly heard saying he would potentially list the dog for “$3,500,” according to Entertainment Tonight.

“This is my new buddy. So by the way, if I can’t keep him, I am going to be listing him,” he reportedly said. “He’s 10 months old, and he’s running for $3,500.”

In the early hours of Sunday morning, Carter took to Twitter to defend his comment, claiming that what he had said was a “joke.”

“I think it’s [appalling] that I actually even have to explain myself I’ve rescued many dogs & found many dogs homes,” the pop star wrote. “what I said in my Instagram live video was a joke. Find one dog that I adopted and sold for money, be my guest. WONT HAPPEN. I’m a good person and I deserve respect.”

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In a subsequent tweet, he added that he does not need to sell dogs for a profit, along with the state of his current income.

“And with all due respect I own a home I make over $3 million a year I don’t need to sell a dog for money,” he said. “so have some respect and don’t try to slander my name because I will defend myself and I will take legal action. DONT TRY IT. So back the f— off… gn”

Carter also returned to Instagram Live on Sunday, and in a heated rant, continued to defend himself amid the controversy and from the “trolls” — calling himself “the troll slayer.”

He insisted that in addition to the allegations being ridiculous, his decisions about his pets were his own.

“I have every right to sell this dog if I want,” he said in the new Live video. “I’m a dog trainer, I went to school for this for fun, for dog training.”

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“My boy is doing amazing,” he added, flipping the camera to show his new dog.

On Friday, Carter shared a photo of himself with his new dog on Instagram, telling followers he had rescued the bulldog after he “fell in love with him instantly.”

“Just rescued this beautiful 10 month old English bulldog from the @lancasteranimalslaco shelter,” he captioned the photo. “I just couldn’t leave him there, I fell in love with him instantly and now he’s home with his new daddy. #rescuedog please rescue or adopt 🐶”

After the controversy erupted, the animal center released a statement to their own Instagram, reassuring the public that they were looking into the situation.

“UPDATE – We are working on this situation. Thanks to all for your concern,” they added to their original post of Carter and his new pet.

On Monday, Carter posted to Twitter yet again, reflecting on the weekend’s events.

“You always risk people misunderstanding you when you say anything,” he wrote.

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