San Diego’s Sweet Dog Organics bakes all their treats from scratch with USDA certified ingredients

By Janet Mock
Updated November 03, 2009 12:45 PM

You may not have time to bake your own dog treats, but Sweet Dog Organics does. Not only do they deliver fresh homemade dog treats to your door (in cute Chinese take-out containers!), but they also specialize in baking all their products with USDA certified organic ingredients.

A favorite of ours is their Sweet Dog Treats, adorable doggie-shaped cookies topped with a pink little heart. Made with organic wheat flour, bran and flax, with a hint of parsley and mint, these hefty cookies are delicious–and freshen your dog’s breath.

And for smaller breeds, the San Diego-based company–founded by a mother of three Labradors–offers their Petite Pups heart-shaped treats, which are ideal for little guys or perfect as training snacks for larger breeds. For less than $8, you’ll get a bag of 25 treats and shipping on all Sweet Dog Organics treats within the U.S. is free.

For more information, visit Sweet Dog Organics on or follow their mascot Reggie-boy on Twitter.