A Mother's Love: Lab "Adopts" Tiger Cubs

Labrador has played surrogate to more than 30 orphaned animals

Labrador Lisha has never had a litter of her own, but the 9-year-old dog was born to be a mom. A resident of the Cango Wildlife Reserve in Oudsthoorn, South Africa, Lisha has been a surrogate to more than 30 orphaned animals over the years, ranging from a porcupine to a pygmy hippo – and everything in between. Lisha’s owners Nadine and Rob Hall, who are also the Park directors, tell the Daily Mail that once they realized their dog had a unique gift, they started bringing orphaned animals home for her to love. “If Lisha sees an animal being brought back in a box, she automatically assumes that it is to be cared for,” shares Nadine.

Lisha’s newest charges are three orphaned tiger cubs, named Fareeda, Sharhir and Cara, who were rejected by their mother. Though Lisha is helping to raise them as her own, the Halls are making sure she doesn’t get too friendly with the cubs. Says Nadine, “Remember, these are tigers after all!”

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