A Hammock That is the Perfect Hang Out for Cats

Cats can shoot the breeze on CatAbove's new Snoozepal Hammock.

Let’s face it, cats do a lot of hanging around. So why not give them a hammock on which to hang? My felines tried out CatAbove’s new Snoozepal Hammock-in-a-Box and had a ball shooting the breeze.

One of my cats sat on top of the cardboard contraption, the other got frisky chasing a toy mouse that I put inside. When the more active one got tired he plopped down on the fleece-lined hammock and watched the apartment do a whole lot of nothing. It’s his new observatory.

It took about 15 minutes to assemble the hammock and I couldn’t get the thing out of the bag fast enough for my guys. It’s assembled like origami, and my kitty was in full-on attack mode as I tried to put the pieces together. I have the battle scars to prove it.

It was a small price to pay for such a fun toy though. It sells for $34.95 and the hammock is easily removed and machine washable. On the downside, the hammock holds a ‘recommended’ 20 pounds of weight – so my 17-pound cat needs to watch the scales or he might be hanging on for dear life.

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