A Guide to All of the Adorable Animals That Call Miranda Lambert Mom

A fleet of horses, dogs and more have captured the heart of the country star with a serious passion for animal rescue

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Miranda Lambert/Instagram

"New additions to Flying Pistols Farm," Lambert shared on Aug. 30. The latest four-legged family members bring the total to 19 pets overall.

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Source: Miranda Lambert Instagram

"I have a little plaque in my house that says: 'There is always room for one more dog,'" the singer told PEOPLE in 2014 — it seems that message might also apply to horses and cats. The star — who is heavily involved in animal rescue through her MuttNation Foundation, a charity she created in 2007 with her mother Bev to help end animal abuse and homelessness — has a menagerie of animals, including Cher (right), who was found in an Oklahoma dumpster.

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Source: Miranda Lambert Instagram

A.K.A. "Road Dog," Delta is the singer's sidekick and, like mom, she knows a thing or two about living in the moment. "She had been living at the Sonic Drive- In for about a week. I brought her home and she was in bad shape and I nursed her back to health," she told Modern Dog Magazine. "She ended up backstage at the show in Vegas and seemed immediately in her element."

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Source: Miranda Lambert/Instagram

Lambert adopted a pair of Great Pyrenees dogs from Texas — in honor of the 25th anniversary of the movie Thelma & Louise in 2016 — to keep watch over her mini horses.

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Source: Miranda Lambert Instagram

This girl's gypsy vanner horse is a memory maker. "This is one of those moments that I’m proud of," she Instagrammed. "My friend Tommy snapped it on a trail ride on his phone at golden hour on the farm in TN. What a blessing. I'm wearing yoga pants and no makeup and I’m on the back of my beloved Leiani." Not pictured here are other horses: Titan, Gibson, Sophie, and Ellie.

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Source: Miranda Lambert/Instagram

Lambert shared in May that her farm was home to seven dogs, four cats, five horses and two mini horses — with a furry flock that large only a chosen few get a spot on the bed.

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Source: Miranda Lambert Instagram

Clearly, Waylon likes his naps! She adopted Bellamy (on top), who is named in honor of The Bellamy Brothers, in 2013 from Florida’s Big Dog Ranch Rescue.

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Source: Miranda Lambert Instagram

"Sending love from my mutts and me," she wrote with this classic holiday portrait of her barking brood. That's definitely one for the album.

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Source: Miranda Lambert Instagram

Even her friends know there’s always room in Lambert’s home for more. "When your friend @harps226 comes to visit and says 'oh by the way I picked up a stray kitten on the highway in Arkansas and it's in the garage,'" she shared on Instagram. "And then she smile's this innocent smile. Guess who has a kitten now?"

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