The modeling rodent – a favorite of photographer owner Klara Salamonska – passes on

Sad news for fans of Klara Salamonska’s photogenic hamsters: Buleczka, a beloved furry friend who often appeared in Salamonska’s adorable hamster photo shoots, has died. But before her death, the rodent spent her last moments in a favorite place – a sunny park, filled with dandelions and trees.

The 14-month-old hamster, whose pals were featured in PEOPLE Pets’ Hamster Photo Shoot gallery, is mourned by Warsaw-based Salamonska. Buleczka was “too unique. Much more than a hamster,” she says. documented Buleczka’s last day and posted a sweet tribute, which had us all verklempt. Salamonska tells PEOPLE Pets that her best memories of her furry friend are the little moments Buleczka spent sleeping in the palm of her hand. “She did it very often,” she says. “Just dreaming in my hands, yawning and then falling asleep again.”

How are the other hamsters dealing with Buleczka passing? “My other hamster, white furry boy called Piórko, didn’t appear depressed after Bu’s departure,” she says. “Maybe because they didn’t have daily contact with each other, and weren’t really crazy about each other.”

But for Salamonska’s guinea pig, Balbinka, there is definitely something missing. “Balbinka often used to sit by Bu’s home, watching her through the glass. Now she doesn’t sit there anymore,” she says. “Most importantly they sometimes had ‘breakfast’ together, eating away, side by side.”

R.I.P. Buleczka, you will be missed!

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