A photo Lindsay Martin tweeted of her pup's new haircut went viral

Wembley the dog said bye, bye, bye to his hair recently and hello to internet stardom.

When the Twitterverse got wind of the dog’s new haircut, it took it and ran with it — back to a simpler time when Justin Timberlake had No Strings Attached.

It started when the dog’s owner Lindsay Martin shared before and after photos on Twitter of the pup’s new ‘do.

“My mom just RUINED my dog and she literally said ‘he wanted to keep it long on the top’ I am devastated,” she wrote with the after pic, which has since been retweeted 45,000 times.

Followers thought the poodle’s curly-on-top cut looked like a ’90s era Justin Timberlake, or a curly-cued Beyoncé, among others.

Martin wasn’t seriously fur-klempt about the dog’s hair, and tweeted that it will grow back in time.

“Disclaimer: it was funny & I’m not actually upset about it,” she tweeted. “There are worse things in the world and his hair will grow back.”