90-Year-Old Tortoise on Wheels Is Faster than Ever After Rat Attack

Mrs. T is moving at twice her original speed now that she has a set of wheels attached to her shell


Meet Mrs. T. She pities the fool who doesn’t believe in second chances.

This 90-year-old tortoise from Pembroke, West Wales, was recently the victim of a savage rat attack, but now she is back on her feet, or wheels in this case, reports The Telegraph.

Mrs. T lost her front feet during hibernation, when a rat chewed them off, leaving the reptile immobile. Mrs. T’s owner, Jude Ryder, rushed the tortoise to the vet as soon she discovered what happened. Doctors stressed to Ryder that the animal need to get moving again to stay alive.

Ryder, 56, turned to her son Dale, who is a mechanical engineer, for help. Dale, 37, came up with the ingenious and simple solution of adding a set of model airplane wheels to Mrs. T’s shell.

“It was like fitting her with a turbo charger – she’s going double the speed she used to,” Ryder told The Telegraph. “She uses her back legs to push herself along. She seems quite happy, but it’s difficult to tell with a tortoise.”

Ryder got Mrs. T when the tortoise was in her 60s as a birthday gift for Dale, who was then just an 8-year-old boy. The pet has been with the family ever since, living in the family’s back garden and hibernating in a shed during the winter.

“Mrs. T is still quite young for a tortoise. She could go on for another 50 years – all she needs is a new set of tires every now and again,” Ryder said.

Here’s to another half century of zooming around the Welsh countryside, Mrs. T.

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