February 05, 2010 08:00 PM

Maybe it was magic. Maybe it was luck. Maybe it’s because he shares a name with New Orleans Saints cornerback Jabari Greer. Whatever the motivation, Jabari, an 8-week-old male reticulated giraffe from Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo, Calif., picked the Louisiana team to win Super Bowl XLIV in Miami this weekend.

“Jabari went right over to the Saints logo while sniffing around in his heated barn,” Nancy Chan, spokesperson for Six Flags, tells PEOPLEPets.com. “He put his nose over the logo so he must have figured out that the name of the football team’s cornerback is Jabari Greer.”

Since he was the first giraffe born at Six Flags since 1992, the park management also hosted a name-the-giraffe contest. They received 650 name entries which were narrowed down to just five, including Jabari, a Swahili word that means strong, powerful and valiant. It was suggested by Mim Quine of Fairfield, Calif., who won with 34 percent of a public online vote over a nine-day period ending last week.

“Jabari continues to nurse with his mother Makali, but he already likes to munch on hay and grass,” continues Chan. “We are excited for the public to meet him when the park opens for the season March 6. He will have grown another foot by then.”

The 7-ft., 245 lb. giraffe is curious yet laid back. When he’s not playing with his water bucket, enjoying people or galloping about the barn, he likes to snooze.

So, what are the odds that Jabari’s pick will actually win Sunday’s game?

“I’d say they are pretty good,” former Super Bowl winning running back and TV analyst Jerome Bettis tells PEOPLEPets.com. “I also have picked the Saints to win the Super Bowl!”

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