8 of the Most Beautiful Animals You Can Follow Online

We're celebrate the World's Most Beautiful by picking out our own furry and stunning contenders


The snowed has thawed, award season is over and the buds are blooming, which means it’s World’s Most Beautiful season once again.

As is tradition, this year’s issue is packed with stunning women who are doing even more beautiful things for the world. At PEOPLE Pets, we have noticed just one issue with this franchise: a cat, dog or any other pet has never made the cover.

We’re here to right this wrong in our own way, by calling your attention to the most gorgeous animals online. These are pets that are amassing impressive social media followings simply because fans can’t stop staring at them and soaking in their splendor.

Before we dive into our World’s Most Beautiful list, it’s important to note that every animal on this Earth is the most beautiful creature. When you look your pet in the eye and tell them they are the most gorgeous/handsome/beguiling animal you’ve ever seen, that’s not a lie. You know it, and we know it.

These eight critters just happen to come in at close second place to your exquisite little baby.


Handle: @moem_n

Most Beautiful Attribute: This Japanese sweetie has hair that is the envy of every pup in the dog park … and us, too.

Frederik the Great

Handle: Frederik the Great

Most Beautiful Attribute: This is basically the Fabio of horses. If mares read books, this strong, elegant, hair-flipping horse would be on the front of every equine romance novel.

Princess Aurora

Handle: @auorapuur

Most Beautiful Attribute: Everything about this cat is soft. Her eyes, fur, pastel coloring and little pink nose all make her look like the cuddliest watercolor painting come to life.


Handle: @MatthewTheHedgehog

Most Beautiful Attribute: This handsome pet has a stunning sense of feng shui. You will often find him matched with a simple backdrop and vibrant flowers.


Handle: @cobythecat

Most Beautiful Attribute: Maybe you haven’t noticed (somehow), but this cat has some of the most startling blue eyes we’ve ever seen. No matter how many times you see them, they will continue to hypnotize.

Menswear Dog

Handle: @mensweardog

Most Beautiful Attribute: This pup has a powerful sense of confidence and a personal style that is perfectly tailored to it.


Handle: @smoothiethecat

Most Beautiful Attribute: She calls herself the Queen of Fluff, and she has definitely earned that title.


Handle: @pussinglam

Most Beautiful Attribute: This Romanian rescue feline has embraced a luxurious life full of fake eyelashes, which are photoshopped on, and haute couture styles.

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