7 Hard-Working Canines Who Are Always on the Job

Everyday is Take Your Dog to Work Day for these pups


Happy Take Your Dog to Work Day!

Today is the magic moment where business and pleasure mix in the best way possible. The day where cubicles and canines collide.

Except for some dogs it’s just another day at the office. The nation is full of working dogs who spend each day making the world a safer, cuter and generally better place.

So, once the afterglow of seeing puppies in your office wears off, there are places you can find solace. Check out these pups who are always on the job and also happen to be excellent social media mavens.

Maximus the Police Dog


Maximus is a German shepherd who works with the Vermont State Police. He works with his crime-fighting human partner State Trooper Nicholas Arlington, spending most of his days training, doing patrol work … and having a little bit of fun.

Piper the Airport Wildlife Control Canine

Piper is a Tom Cruise-esque border collie whose job includes quality time with jets, planes and choppers. The pup’s job on the tarmac is to spot and scare off wildlife that could cause trouble for the aircrafts coming and going from Traverse City, Michigan’s Cherry Capitol Airport.

Norbert the Therapy Pup

This therapy pup is only three pounds, but he delivers a ton of smiles. Along with visiting hospitals, Norbert also spreads happiness through his very popular Instagram account.

Mr. Red Bag the Firehouse Dog

This lovable pitty was found, rescued and adopted by a New York firehouse. Now Mr. Red Bag, is returning the favor by helping out his saviors at work and making sure everyone stays positive.

Arbor the Painting Dog

This rescue pup really knows how to work a paint brush. From 9-to-5, Arbor is making beautiful works, which she sells to raise money for pets in need.

The Truffle Dog Squad

This Instagram is host to a whole group of talented pooches. The glamorous squad brings home the bacon by bringing home the truffles. All of these dogs are adept at sniffing out this delicacy.

Reveille the Mascot

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The First Lady of Texas A&M University is a fluffy, magnificent collie named Reveille. Her main job is to keep school spirit high and the cheers even higher by attending sporting events and looking cute.

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