7 (Four-Legged) Reasons to Be Thankful

PEOPLE readers share why Thanksgiving wouldn't be the same without their pets

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"Missy saved my life when our house went on fire. If she wasn’t here I wouldn’t be either."
Donna-Luise, on dog Missy

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"Thankful that in spite of all that she’s been through, our rescue dog is still so loving/loyal."
Leilah Behremann, on dog Duchess

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"I’m thankful for Bella & all her cuddles, I feel loved."
Danielle Gray, on cat Bella

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"Thankful our dog has lovingly accepted our new baby into the family!"
E. Cass, on her parental pooch

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"I’m thankful for my pet, as she is the most adorable little thing who brings a lot of joy."
Penny Edwards, on dog Rosie

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"I’m so grateful for him cause he’s always there no matter what mood you’re in!"
Carly McCann, on bulldog Boycie

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"I’m thankful I had my Gypsy for 9 years. Rainbow Bridge called Oct 15. I now know what unconditional love is."
Jeanine Spilman, on dog Gypsy

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