Because bunnies in general deserve more than just one day of recognition

By Kelli Bender
April 16, 2017 10:00 AM

It’s the bunny’s biggest moment of the year. While the tooth fairy has a 365-day-a-year gig, the powers of rabbits are limited to just one morning: Easter Sunday.

On this day, like Santa, the Easter bunny manages to traverse the world with enough jelly beans and chocolate goodies for millions of people. It’s pretty magical, but bunnies in general deserve more than just one day of recognition. We’re talking about insanely fluffy animals, with long, occasionally floppy ears and the most adorable twitchy noses.

These are creatures that deserve to be celebrated every day. That’s why we rounded up seven of the cutest rabbit accounts on Instagram. This way, when the sugar high wears off from your Easter basket, you will still have plenty of sweetness to enjoy.

DJ BunnyPuff and The Puffery 

Handle: @djbunnypuff

Bunny Low Down: If your deepest dreams involve all kinds of cute rabbits, this is your heaven on Earth.


Handle: @fabbunnies

Bunny Low Down: See the best rabbits the entire Internet has to offer all in one place.

Ginny Rabbit 

Handle: @ginnyrabbit

Bunny Low Down: Ginny is a disabled bunny with a permanent head tilt, but she doesn’t let one little difference stop her from enjoying life.

Io and Kili 

Handle: @ioandkili

Bunny Low Down: These two adore each other — and adore taking stunning photos. It’s a win-win.

Wally, Molly and Suki 

Handle: @wally_and_molly 

Bunny Low Down: Chances are you’ve never seen bunnies quite like this before. These English Angora rabbits have perfectly trimmed hairdos that truly set them apart.

Bunny Mama 

Handle: @bunnymama

Bunny Down Low: This Insta user is the proud mom to five cage-free rescue rabbits that are always up to some kind of adorable hijinks.

Bunny Pigi

Handle: @bunnypigi

Bunny Low Down: This 5-year-old bun bun is a Serbia dwarf/Angora mix, which, it turns out, is a very precious combination.