December 07, 2009 06:53 PM

Kermit the Frog once said it’s not easy being green, but organic expert Michelle Harris begs to differ. The host and creator of the organic living show Alive & Well with Michelle Harris shares her best suggestions for being an eco-friendly pet owner.

* Buy organic pet food. It’s one way to help ensure that pesticides don’t find their way into your pet’s system.

* Use natural pet-care products. Think about trying herbal flea control or natural dental remedies.

* If you’re a dog owner, reach for biodegradable doggie bags. Day to day “you’re using so many of those little bags,” says Harris. Keep the earth-friendly kind handy when you’re taking your dog on walks.

* Buy organic pet litters. Biodegradable litter for cats or litter-trained rabbits reduces waste in landfills. Harris suggests brands like Yesterday’s News or Feline Pine products.

* Dress your pet in organic clothing. Pet clothing can be made of the same materials that organic people clothing is made out of, like hemp, organic cotton or recycled materials. Now there’s no need to feel guilty when Fido’s wardrobe has gone out of style!

* Spay, neuter and adopt from animal shelters. “Stopping animal overpopulation is good for our pets, it’s good for our planet,” says Harris, who is mother to three rescued bunnies. Fewer unwanted animals, means less pet waste in the environment.

Alive & Well with Michelle Harris airs six days a week on the American Life Network.

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