March 24, 2017 02:53 PM

Everyone needs a hand from time to time, or, in this case, a paw.

Among the countless moving crowdfunding campaigns on GoFundMe, are many projects looking to help animals who are in a situation where they can’t help themselves. These are kind and innocent creatures that were born with medical problems or were suddenly bowled over with illness or injury, each of them having a dedicated owner/rescuer who is working to change the animal’s life for good.

You can be part of this positive change by providing a small donation that will go a long way to transforming a pet’s world. For those looking for a good deed or in search of way to make the world a better place, we’ve found six dog-centered GoFundMe campaigns that are thriving because of animal lovers like you.


This precious pup was brought into a New York animal hospital after he suddenly lost the use of his hind legs. This paralysis is due to a cancerous tumor on Charlie’s spinal cord, which requires immediate action. The animal hospital is raising money for the extensive treatment ahead for 4-month-old Charlie, which will include radiation, surgery and physical therapy.


One half of a famous interspecies friendship between a fluffy chicken and two-legged dog, Roo is a recognizable face in many pet circles. Unfortunately, recent Roo updates have been plagued with medical issues. His owners recently discovered that the little Chihuahua has swelling on top of his brain, which is causing him to have violent seizures. Roo is working with a neurologist to solve this problem, but treatment is costly, especially since his chicken friend Penny is having her own medical problems.


A recent star of, Rowdy is making a name for himself as a senior dog with Vitiligo, a disease that causes the loss of skin color, and is working to bond with children with the same disorder. His owners are now trying to raise funds so the 14-year-old pup can meet the children he has inspired and to help cover Rowdy’s medical costs.


Named for his stunning eyes, it is Blue’s peepers that are also causing him problems. Vets recently discovered that Blue, who is just a year old, has cataracts on both eyes and is likely to lose his sight in one to two months if nothing is done. The pup’s owners are raising money to cover the surgery that should save his sight and the extensive after care this operation requires.

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Poppy is a perky pup who has never given up hope. She was found by her rescuers when she dragged herself into their research camp in Okavango, Botswana. The puppy is unable to walk on her hind legs due to a severe, but unknown, injury. The researchers who saved Poppy and brought her to the vet for help, are hoping to raise enough money to cover the dog’s medical expenses for the surgery and treatment that will help her walk again.


This brave Labrador/Dachshund mix was attacked by an alligator and bitten twice, but managed to survive. Now, her owners are fighting to bring their beloved dog back to the healthy, happy pup she was before the attack. Donations will help with her medical bills, including the physical therapy that will get her back on her paws.

Walter Cronkite

It’s always important to have a happy ending. Donations for this GoFundMe campaign have been turned off after Walter’s story quickly amassed $14,477 in donations, far exceeding the $10,000 goal. If Walter looks familiar, it’s because he is a bit of an Instagram celebrity. The donations to his campaign went to paying the mounting medical bills his owners amassed after Walter became sick. The source of the illness was a benign tumor in the dog’s stomach, which has been successfully removed thanks to the funds from this campaign. Walter’s owner plans to give the extra donations to other dogs in need.



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