52 Dogs Saved from Death After Rescuers Intercept Truck Taking Tied Up Pets to Slaughterhouse

Police officers and rescuers from Dog Meat Free Indonesia saved the dogs, who were found bagged and bound, from a truck heading to an illegal dog meat slaughterhouse

Indonesia Dog Meat Truck Interception
Photo: Dog Meat Free Indonesia

Over 50 dogs are getting a second chance at life thanks to a group of quick-thinking rescuers.

According to a release from FOUR PAWS, police officers and animal rescuers from Dog Meat Free Indonesia intercepted a delivery truck carrying 53 dogs bound for an illegal slaughterhouse.

The canines' saviors found the pups tied up in sacks with their mouths bound. Almost all of the dogs were emaciated and under the age of one, per the release.

This rescue effort marks Indonesia's first large-scale raid on an illegal dog meat slaughterhouse, and the raid resulted in the arrest of an individual believed to be working in the dog meat trade for over 20 years.

After pulling the dogs from the truck and freeing the animal from their bindings, Dog Meat Free Indonesia rescuers provided emergency vet treatment for all the canines and then transported them to a temporary shelter. Unfortunately, one of the 53 dogs died before arriving at the shelter. The surviving animals will remain at the shelter until they recover from the abuse and neglect they have endured.

Indonesia Dog Meat Truck Interception
Dog Meat Free Indonesia

FOUR PAWS, a non-profit that works globally to end animal suffering, is hopeful that this rescue is a "turning point" for Indonesia's illegal dog meat trade.

"The shocking and criminal events that we have witnessed as well as the positive actions taken by the Sukoharjo authorities must be a turning point in fighting against this outlawed, outdated, and cruel trade. The positives we can take out of this awful situation are that law enforcement and campaign groups are ensuring that this illegal trade is coming to an end. For traders, there will be no place left to hide to continue their criminal practices in the very near future," Dr. Karanvir Kukreja, the head of public campaigns Southeast Asia for FOUR PAWS' Ending the Dog and Cat Meat Trade campaign, said in a statement.

Indonesia Dog Meat Truck Interception
Dog Meat Free Indonesia

FOUR PAWS recently conducted its own dog meat rescue operation, successfully saving over 60 dogs on their way to an illegal dog meat slaughterhouse in Cambodia this February. Thirty of the rescued pups are still recovering at FOUR PAWS' shelter in Cambodia, which will soon undergo an expansion thanks to a generous offer from Pawthereum — a cryptocurrency charity project.

For Giving Tuesday (Nov. 30), Pawthereum will match donations made to FOUR PAWS up to $50,000. To learn more about FOUR PAWS and how to support their efforts, visit the organization's website.

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