Kelli Bender
February 22, 2017 03:39 PM

Today is Steve Irwin’s birthday. The endearing, daredevil animal lover would’ve been 55.

While Irwin’s presence and passion for sharing the wonders of wildlife are missed, he instilled the same devotion to the animal kingdom in his family, especially his children Bindi and Robert.

Both of Irwin’s kids have gone on to show that their father’s message of animal advocacy is always in their hearts with their own forays into wildlife education.

It’s hard not to think of their dad’s big smile, welcoming demeanor and fearlessness when you watch this pair interact with crocodiles, birds and so much more.

In celebration of Steve Irwin’s birthday and the lasting effect he has had on animal conservation, here are five times his children reminded us of this great man.

Robert’s Visit to the Tonight Show 

Robert Irwin, 13, followed in his father’s footsteps, walking on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon stage with an ark of animals, just like his father did in the Jay Leno years of the popular talk show. And, just like dad, Robert couldn’t contain his excitement when talking about the animal kingdom.

Bindi Isn’t Afraid of a Crocodile Feeding

Bindi Irwin, 18, has been filmed several times indulging in one her father’s favorite pastimes, feeding crocodiles. One of the most recent clips appeared on her Instagram. The video shows Bindi calmly dropping some chow into a croc’s giant maw.

They Have a Deep Love for Australia, Obviously 

Packed with unique animals, Australia is a phenomenal place for any wildlife enthusiast to grow up. The Irwins have always been excellent ambassadors for their home country, and nothing has changed as the Irwin kids get older. Bindi showed a little of her Down Under love on Australia Day, posing with one of the country’s natives: a wombat!

Growing the World’s Passion for Animals

Steve Irwin was always finding new ways to engage others with animals, and his kids are no different. In addition to interacting with live animals for educational purposes, Robert has also taken up nature photography, so even more people can experience the beauty the world has to offer.

Putting Family First

What has kept the Irwin family strong is not only their shared passion for animal conservation, but their support for each other. Ten years after their father’s death, Bindi and Robert continue to further their father’s efforts and encourage each others’ individual goals.

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