Superstar skateboarding dog Tillman led a crew of snowboarding canines on New Year’s Day

By People Staff
Updated January 05, 2010 06:54 PM

Last year, Tillman the famous skateboarding dog and a team of pooches were the stars of the Tournament of Roses parade in Pasadena, Calif., and showed their wicked skating skills on the Natural Balance float. “The whole country went nuts for them,” Natural Balance president Joey Herrick told in November. “So the question wasn’t about what to do this year, but how to top last year.”

Top that they did. On New Year’s Day, it was impossible to miss the pooches snowboarding on this year’s float. Not only was Tillman – certified by Guinness World Records as the world’s fastest skateboarding pooch – on board with four snow-gliding pals, but the rose-encrusted spectacle was also declared by Guinness as the longest ever, at 113 feet, 8 inches! (The previous record was 95 feet.)

Covered in more than 80,000 roses (the giant Tillman replica was created with bronze and white strawflower petals), the float featured a 60-ft. long slope that was a whopping 16-ft. tall – quite a steep hill, so it was important that the canine snowboarders were chosen carefully.

Knowing that Tillman could ride like a canine Shaun White, Herrick and his team had to recruit more pups who could master snowboarding, especially since the parade lasts almost three hours. “We need to keep sending dogs down to entertain the crowd without wearing them out,” Herrick said.

They already had a talented puppy named Rose, as well as another dog named Lyle, so the challenge was to find two more pups to round out their crew. The company held a casting call in November where 63 bulldogs tried their luck on the float’s slopes. Niko and Tank strutted their stuff before judges and were chosen for the big display.

Congrats, you guys – you stole the show!