The fluffy feline much purr-fers to Netflix and chill on the couch


1. First and foremost: because she’s a cat.

But, there are four other very important reasons that Ricky Gervais’ beloved feline, Ollie, won’t be tuning in on Sunday as her Dad hosts the Golden Globe Awards, and we thought it was of the utmost importance to document them here (someone’s gotta speak for Ollie, and it might as well be us).

During the live broadcast, the comedian’s beloved feline will definitely be longing for her master’s cozy lap. “My cat knows I’m a warm person,” Gervais told PEOPLE last year. “Well, she doesn’t know that I’m a person, to be honest. But she knows I’m warm. Particularly around the lap area.”

As the audience laps up his jokes on Sunday, bear in mind these reasons Ollie much purr-fers to Netflix and chill on the couch instead:

2. BECAUSE: that time Ricky cuddled with this dog.
Gervais can blame it on work all he wants, but Ollie is not taking that for an answer. Zebedee the guide dog puppy – if that’s his real name and not some sort of alias – singlehandedly ruined any chance that Ollie would watch the Golden Globes this year. How does it feel to wreck families, Zebedee?

3. Radiators are way hotter than Hollywood award shows.
The phasing out of radiators in homes is a real concern for Ollie. So, she never takes them fur-granted. If Gervais’ jokes fall flat on Sunday, you know where to find Ollie all warm and toasty with an “I told you so” smile.

4. That time Ricky gave Ollie a bath was a bridge too far.
Ollie doesn’t even want to talk about it, that’s how bad this memory is. So let’s just move on.

5. This is the only award Ollie needs to see.
Hiss off, Golden Globes. The fact that this feline dusts Gervais’ RSPCA Animal Hero award with her tail every so often is all the proof we need that this is the only statue she cares about.

Just because Ollie’s not watching doesn’t mean you can’t. The 73rd annual Golden Globe Awards air Sunday, Jan. 10 at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.