5 Reasons Now is the Perfect Time to Adopt a Pet

Adopting a pet now gives your new furry friend plenty of time to transition before the season gets hectic

Adoption Weekend - Pets
Photo: Amy Sussman/AP Images for PetSmart

The holiday season is upon us, and at the very top of many wish lists is a new pet.

Good news, experts from PetSmart Charities say it’s ok for this Christmas gift to come early. In fact, it is best to adopt a pet before the holiday season kicks into high gear, so your new furry friend has time to settle in before things get festive and a little frantic.

“From school concerts and social engagements to holiday shopping and overnight stays from out-of-town guests, the holidays make our lives and our homes more active than usual,” said Steve Kaufman, a certified animal welfare administrator and center of excellence manager, adoptions for PetSmart Charities. “If a new pet is on your family’s wish list, adopting before the holiday season will allow pet parents to develop a routine with their pet ahead of the holiday rush, making the transition easier for your family and your new pet.”

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PetSmart is making it even easier to give a four-legged friend a forever home for the holidays with their National Adoption Weekend. From Nov. 11-13, PetSmart stores across the country will have adoptable pets looking for a place to spend this holiday season and many more to come.

Adoption Weekend - Pets
Brian Bohannon/AP Images for PetSmart

Still not convinced now is the perfect time to welcome a pet into your life? Here’s 5 more reasons to adopt right now, from the pros at PetSmart.

  1. You’ll be a holiday hero before you’ve even started shopping. Now that you’ve knocked off one of the most wanted items on your family’s holiday gift list by adopting a new pet, the rest of your holiday shopping will be a breeze.
  2. You’ll have more time to transition your new pet. It’s important when transitioning a new pet into your home to spend as much time with them as possible. By adopting prior to the holidays, your pet will get focused attention and will already be feeling right at home before the busy holiday season begins.
  3. You can involve your new four-legged family member in all the cherished holiday traditions. Pets enrich our lives.Including a pet in special family events and holiday traditions like enjoying treats, opening stockings, sniffing and shaking gifts under the tree, caroling or going for snowy walks after dinner can bring even more joy to your family, not to mention increase the cuteness factor of holiday photos.
  4. You can get a head start on your New Year’s resolutions! The over-abundance of baked goods, lavish family meals and dinner parties during the holidays makes us all worry about our increased calorie intake. Playing hide and seek with a new kitten around the house or taking a new dog for a walk can help pet parents – and kids – develop healthy habits ahead of New Year’s while bonding with your new pet.
  5. Because thousands of pets need a forever home right now. Thousands of healthy, loving, adoptable pets are currently in shelters across the country. By adopting one from PetSmart, The Adopt Spot, you’ll be giving the ultimate gift of saving a life! Visit your nearest PetSmart store from Nov. 11-13 for PetSmart Charities’ National Adoption Weekend.

Hopefully you’re convinced. But remember, pets are more than just a present. Before you decide to adopt, make sure you and everyone in your family are ready to devote the time, love and affection to a new pet for the animal’s entire life.

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