5 Fun Things We Saw at Pet Fashion Week

PEOPLEPets.com scoured the aisles of the annual event to see what's new for fall

While some of our anipals were talking technology at the BarkWorld Expo in Atlanta this weekend, we were admiring all the pretty things at Pet Fashion Week, which took place Saturday and Sunday in New York. From jewelry and bedding to tags and collars, check out some of the fun items we spotted:

Wags & Tags. These bejeweled tags ($199-$559) are so luxe, your dog will be walking with its tail high in the air! Made of sterling silver and engravable, the three-dimensional, bowl-shaped charms each have a bone inside – you can choose if it’s diamond, cubic zirconia, gold or silver. A stainless steel connector ensures the tags will stay put during all of your dog’s adventures – fancy-pants or not.

Truly Deevine. Crafted of hand-shaped cherry Beachwood and two cozy pillows stuffed with organic kapok, these designer pet beds ($650 and up) are made for sweet dreams. Need some bling with your bedtime? The “glamour edition” models come studded with Swarovski crystals. Even more impressive: 10 percent of proceeds go to PETA and the ASPCA.

Andrea Levine & Co. This Delaware-based jeweler designs exquisite charms of various dog breeds – Portuguese water dog, anyone? – plated with diamonds ($305-$2,180). There’s a less-expensive line made using sterling silver and cubic zirconia, too ($53-$287), in fun shapes and colors (like pink poodles!). Cats get the colored-gem treatment in brown, yellow, orange and black, and if you happen to own a horse, you can eternalize him in sterling silver.

Canine Convertibles. After purchasing a neutral base collar – available in five sizes ($20-$44) and covered in snaps – you can fasten on a whole array of decorative covers that feature rhinestones, ruffles, ribbons and more ($12-$45). There’s even a holiday line! If only dressing for work every day were this easy …

Pipi Dolly’s. Our final find isn’t yet available in the U.S., but it’s so different we just had to share! The Pipi Dolly’s “dog toilets” are little trays where dogs can do their business, inside. But they also have backings designed to look like bathrooms (for female dogs) or fire hydrants (for male dogs). The trays they “go” on are washable, and contain disposable pads that absorb everything. Cute idea – but isn’t a walk easier (and more fun)?

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