March 28, 2016 05:56 PM

The Easter Bunny has extended his clientele from kids to canines. 

On Sunday morning, many pups awoke to find that the Easter Bunny left some of his bounty behind. Thanks to their keen noses, most of these lucky dogs had no trouble sniffing out their treat-filled eggs and baskets overflowing with toys. 

Relive the thrill of finding your Easter surprise and pick up some tips for next year’s egg hunt by watching these dogs do their best bunny impressions. 

Demonica the Chihuahua kicked off her first Easter right with oodles of goodies in a basket made just for her. 

These pups are experts at letting their noses take them where they need to go. Wonder if it works on Where’s Waldo books, too. 

Clancy isn’t just a pro at finding Easter eggs, he also knows how to put them together in a basket that would make Martha Stewart proud. 

Nothing will stop Jade from nabbing all the presents the bunny left behind for her, even towering trees are no match for this fluffy pup and her surprising acrobat skills. 

Swag alert! Next year we want to celebrate Easter at this house; these huskies pawed off with all kinds of goodies, and they didn’t even have to hunt that hard.

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