5 Dangerous Valentine's Day Health Hazards for Pets

Chocolate, wine and flowers are great Valentine's gifts for you, but not for your pet

Valentine's Day puppy
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Valentine’s Day is here, and if you have a pet, you already have the best Valentine around.

To make sure their Feb. 14 is ideal, it is important to be aware of the dangerous effects common Valentine’s gifts can have on cats and dogs. You may love chocolate and wine, but your pet’s system certainly doesn’t.

Make sure if you are indulging in any of the V-Day treats below that they stay out of your pet’s reach, so your day of love doesn’t end with an unromantic trip to the emergency animal hospital.


Chocolate candy in heart-shaped box
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As many dog owners know, chocolate is extremely toxic to canines. But it’s not only dogs who are affected, the caffeine and theobromine in chocolate is a danger to any pet. Ingestion of the sweet stuff can lead to nervous system and heart damage. If your pet does consume chocolate by accident, make sure to take them to the vet immediately.


Glasses of champagne and red roses

Don’t share drinks with your furry best friend. Alcohol can be poisonous to pets, even in small doses. Save the red wine for you and your human beau.


Symbols of Love
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Numerous types of popular flowers are deadly to pets, especially cats. Lilies and tulips are the main offenders, but many other flowers can lead to vomiting, diarrhea and stomach irritation. Keep all bouquets out of reach.


Red tea lights in a heart shape
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Never leave a flame unattended. It’s good advice for anyone, but especially for pet owners. Animals can easily burn themselves or cause fires by playing with candles that are left out to set the mood.

Gift Wrap

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Pretty packaging can easily turn into an ugly problem if your pet accidentally ingests the ribbon on a gift. This sparkly stuff can cause obstructions in the intestines, which might require surgery to remove.

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