September 02, 2016 11:58 AM

The Today show recently said farewell to their original puppy with a purpose, Wrangler. After spending  months on-set learning, napping and looking adorable, the Labrador left to share his love and talents through Guiding Eyes for the Blind.

It was a bittersweet goodbye, but the puppy-shaped hole left in the hearts of Today‘s viewers and staff didn’t stay empty for long. In August, the show welcomed their new puppy with a purpose, Charlie. The playful black Labrador is affiliated with America’s VetDogs, a non-profit organization that trains canines to physically and emotionally support veterans and first responders in combat.

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Charlie, born on June 26, loves licking faces, meeting new people and getting belly rubs. There has already been plenty of that on the set of Today and sure to be much more. During his residency on the show, Charlie will also be working with guide dog mobility instructor Olivia Poff to learn basic commands and specific tasks he will need to know to help his future owner.

This eight-week-old pup is a fast learner. Even though he has only been on the show a few weeks, he has mastered some very important lessons and taught us a few things too. Here’s just a sample of what this smart cookie canine already knows.

1. Safety First! Concerts are fun, losing your hearing isn’t. Always make sure to protect your senses 

2. When in doubt, doggie paddle!

3. There’s nowhere you can’t nap. 

4. Celebrities are your friends, snuggle with them. 

5. Always show your fans love. 

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