5 'Aww' -dorable Photos of Kelly Osbourne's New Puppy

Your Tuesday totally needs some pocket-sized puppy cuteness

She may be pocket-sized, but Kelly Osbourne’s new dog is a giant-sized load of responsibility – and the TV personality is working overtime.

Not that she’s complaining. Judging by the adorable photos on her Instagram feed, her love for Nancy the miniature Pomeranian is immense – so great that she can’t resist taking the pup everywhere (and in all honesty, if we had a dog this cute neither could we).

“She is like having a real [baby],” Osbourne wrote on Instagram May 1. “I have not slept a full night since we got her, she has to eat every 3 hours!”

But seriously, who needs sleep when you have a dog this cute? Nancy is living proof that Puppy Insomnia is very real.

She dubbed this ‘The sweetest kiss I have ever been given,’ and that’s a bold statement. Therefore, we’re using bold type.


Puppy camouflage is the next big fashion trend – the former Fashion Police star would know.


She looks and eats like an angel, people. There’s video evidence.


Although she resembles a white snowball, Nancy is a miniature Pomeranian who packs a big punch.


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