Courtesy Guiding Eyes for the Blind
March 21, 2017 09:09 AM

Murphy is keeping busy at the start of the holiday season and continues to be the very best boy.

PEOPLE’s guide pup at large, who is training to be a guide dog through Guiding Eyes for the Blind, is currently living with his puppy raisers, Maddy Crabtree and John Swertfager, who are filling his life with a good mix of training and fun.

His most recent adventures include a return visit to the Big Apple to meet Maddy’s sister and her dog Honey on the Upper East Side. Back in the city for the first time since visiting the PEOPLE offices, Murphy behaved like a native, easily navigating the streets of the urban jungle. A proud American and follower of paw-litics, Murphy also went to vote with his puppy-raising parents, keeping his opinions to himself (aside from a few small barks).

Courtesy Guiding Eyes for the Blind

Murphy is keeping up with his training, working on his leash-walking skills and going to puppy class to master commands like “sit,” “out” and “let’s go.” While Murph is constantly succeeding, having already learned how to climb the stairs and sit patiently during car rides, nobody is perfect. Our little dog is having some issues with bowl manners, meaning he likes to walk around with his bowl when he is done eating, but he and his puppy raisers are working on modifying this behavior, and he is already showing progress.

Courtesy Guiding Eyes for the Blind

Two things that Murphy absolutely loves? Dreaming and his dog brother Chunk. This puppy has big dreams. His puppy raisers often catch him making little barks and growls with his tongue sticking out while he’s asleep. They think he might be dreaming about his upcoming return to the PEOPLE offices.

Courtesy Guiding Eyes for the Blind

A chatterbox even in his sleep, Murphy loves to yap with his puppy-raisers’ dog, Chunk. The two often sit snout-to-snout, opening their mouths and exchanging funny noises in a secret canine language only they understand.

Courtesy Guiding Eyes for the Blind

Murphy continues to learn new commands and skills that will help him as a guide dog in the coming weeks, which means he will have even more to show us when he visits the PEOPLE offices again in December.

If you are interested in supporting Murphy’s training and/or becoming a puppy raiser yourself, visit for more information.


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