The puppies, recovered on Monday, were found in extremely poor health


A group of dachshunds began their lives in a very bleak place: an Arkansas puppy mill. Thanks to a rescue on Monday, though, all 41 of the dogs have been saved, with loving homes found for all except six.

“It’s very emotional. These dogs come from a situation that was not good, and any one of us in this room can’t imagine our own dogs in a situation like that,” Julie Siebler of Nebraska Dachshund Rescue told ABC News.

When they were rescued, every single one of the dogs was in poor health.

“We have already spent between $9,000 and $10,000 in vetting fees for them,” Siebler shared.

Over the past eight years, Nebraska Dachshund Rescue has saved more than 1,500 pups, giving them the chance to start new lives in safe, loving homes — and to play with toys and nom on treats for the very first time.

The perks have been “to see them progress every day, whether it be behavioral or just, you know being a dog again, because they weren’t dogs where they were before,” said Ryan Kirshenbaum and Ellie Foerster, who adopted one of the rescues.

The Nebraska Dachshund Rescue still has six dogs left that need to find loving homes — learn more by visiting the organization’s Facebook page.