A 33-foot-long anaconda whose dimensions would make it the world's largest has purportedly been discovered during a construction dig in Brazil.

By Alex Heigl
Updated September 26, 2016 02:47 PM

Workers carrying out a controlled demolition near a dam site in Brazil were surprised to find entirely too much snake in the ruins of their site: 33 feet and nearly half a ton’s worth, to be precise. (Estimates of the snake’s weight are varying between 800 and 900 pounds.)

Discovered in the foreboding-sounding Cave of Altamira in the northern state of Para, the snake is already being touted as the “biggest ever.”

And while that appellation gets tossed around a lot, it seems accurate in this case. The “biggest snake ever” (in captivity), Medusa, measured up at 25 feet, and two inches. Earlier this year, a 17-foot anaconda was discovered as part of a BBC show, but this new one seems to handily surpass those two records.

We don’t have any further information about the snake yet, though it appears to have been killed during the explosion, which has obviously drawn criticism on YouTube. We’ll keep updating our information as news about this thing trickles out, but it could be the record-breaker people say it is. (It’s a bit of a shame, what with the death and all.) Also, because this is the internet, it could all be a hoax. Always remember that. Nothing is real.