32 Dogs — and a Goat — Appear Courtside at NBA Game amid Coronavirus Pandemic

The furry friends made an appearance during San Antonio Spurs and Utah Jazz's game on Thursday

dogs nba
Dogs. Photo: NBA

Now that's a ruff crowd!

Thirty-two dogs appeared in the audience during San Antonio Spurs and Utah Jazz's game in Orlando on Thursday.

The furry friends were joined by their human companions as they enjoyed some basketball action in virtual courtside seats provided Michelob ULTRA as a part of a fan takeover amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

"DOGS take over the crowd in Orlando!" the NBA tweeted alongside video of the canine crowd.

"We have seen some unbelievable things in basketball, but never seen it quite like this," the announcer said in the clip.

In other footage circulating on social media, a goat can also be seen in the virtual audience.

The NBA began hosting games without a in-person audience this summer.

To reduce the spread of the novel coronavirus, hundreds of basketball players agreed to play inside a quarantine "bubble" at the Walt Disney World campus, secluding themselves away from loved ones. According to the NBA, not a single player has tested positive for coronavirus since August 5.

However, the bubble may be widening soon.

According to the Associated Press, NBA teams will be allowed to invite guests to the Walt Disney World campus just before the start of the second round of the playoffs, a memo sent by the NBA on Wednesday detailed.

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Most players will be able to invite four guests, who can be family members or “longtime close personal friends with whom a player has an established, pre-existing, and known personal relationship," the outlet reported.

Other qualifying guests include family childcare providers and security members, though “trainers, physical or massage therapists, personal chefs, hair/apparel stylists, tattoo artists, and current/prospective business partners, and certified agents (other than family members), among others" will not be allowed on a player's invite list.

Casual acquaintances, friends of friends, or anyone the player hasn't met in person will also be prohibited from entering the bubble.

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