Many of the cats pulled from the apartment have already been spayed/neutered, vaccinated and put up for adoption at the Toronto Cat Rescue

By Kelli Bender
May 08, 2019 03:16 PM

Over 300 cats found crammed into a single apartment in Toronto, Ontario, are now spread out at foster homes and animal rescues across the city.

According to Toronto Cat Rescue, the felines were found living in a “perilous hoarding situation” that was one of the worst the rescue’s seen.

“This is the second large cat hoarding situation we have been involved with in a month! It’s very important that this NOT continue. It’s a terrible way for cats to live,” the rescue wrote on their Facebook page.

Since the majority of the cats were not spayed or neutered, it was easy for the number of cats in the apartment to grow out of control. Toronto Cat Rescue pulled over 80 cats, including kittens and pregnant mothers, from the home. The remaining felines went with Toronto Animal Services, the Toronto Humane Society and other Toronto-area animal rescues.

Belinda Vandersluis, Toronto Cat Rescue’s executive director, told PEOPLE that some of the cats showed up to their rescue “scared,” “dehydrated,” and “underweight,” but are “doing well” overall. Some of the feline arrived ready for a home.

Toronto Cat Rescue

“Any cats at risk have been seen by one of our vets, and the cats are now in our foster homes. Some of the 80 cats we rescued on Saturday have already been spayed or neutered, had their vaccinations, and are friendly and healthy. They are already up for adoption,” Vandersluis added.

Toronto Cat Rescue spays/neuters and vaccinates every cat in their care before they are adopted. The “pregnant queens” pulled from the hoarded apartment are in foster homes and will remain there until they give birth and their kittens are weaned. Once the kittens are more independent, all of the babies and moms will be spayed/neutered, vaccinated and put up for adoption.

“Our average length of stay is about 7-8 weeks, so we expect that most of these cats will be adopted by the summer,” Vandersluis said.

If anyone wants to donate, volunteer or adopt a cat, they can visit the rescue’s website for more info.