3-Year-Old Girl Practices Animal Handling with Her Sheep Ethel in Sweet Viral Video

Barley Brook Sellar was practicing her sheep handling for the upcoming Greatest Online Agriculture Show

This little girl and her sheep Ethel are the viral video stars we need today
Photo: James Rebanks/Twitter

Sheep handling might not sound like the most entertaining thing to watch — until you've seen three-year-old Barley Brook Sellar.

On Thursday, Sellar and her sheep, Ethel, went viral in a matter of hours after a clip of her handling the animal was posted on Twitter.

In the video, the adorable toddler from Norfolk, England is seen standing next to Ethel as she introduces herself and the sheep to the camera.

"I'm Barley Brook Sellar, I'm three," she chirps with a strong accent.

Asked by her mother Caitlin Jenkins what kind of sheep is Ethel, Sellar takes a minute to examine the animal before responding, "Em...white."

Jenkins then asks Sellar to take Ethel for a walk to practice her handling skills.

"Should I come back?" Sellar sweetly asks as she tries to hold onto the animal nearly twice her size.

"Stand," she commands Ethel as the two walk back to Jenkins.

Sellar's video was entered to be judged ahead of her appearance in the Greatest Online Agriculture Show, Jenkins told Today.

James Rebanks, the official judging the clip, shared the video on Twitter, offering his candid reaction to Sellar's too-cute submission.

"Spent the last hour judging the online sheep show... And I have to tell you that the young handlers under 8 class was the cutest thing I have ever seen," he wrote.

Adding, "I’ve never seen anyone command a sheep with 'STAND.' The sheep's face is priceless."

In just four hours after posting the clip, "over one million people viewed this tweet," Rebanks wrote.

Jenkins told Today that the video was "very unrehearsed" and that Barley and Ethel haven't been in competition since August.

The family farm has around 200 sheep, Jenkins said, including a small flock of sheep Barley received as a gift for her first birthday.

"Ethel is the oldest sheep in the flock, she’s very kind and has a good friendship with Barley," Jenkins said. "Barley loves nothing more than to be outside with us farming, she is very hands-on and gets stuck in come rain or shine."

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