The mouse escaped the storm with dozens of other shelter pets on a flight chartered by Wings of Rescue and

By Kelli Bender
August 28, 2020 05:19 PM
Courtesy of Humane Society of North Texas

Pipsqueak missed the eye of the storm and caught the eye of an animal lover.

The 3-legged mouse is one of the more than 400 at-risk pets transported out of shelters in Hurricane Laura's path to rescues across America with room to house the animals looking to evade the storm. Wings of Rescue and partnered together to charter eight live-saving flights to move animals out of the Gulf Coast area before Hurricane Laura made landfall.

Pipsqueak was on a plane chartered to help the Humane Society of North Texas and the SPCA of Texas transport animals from the Houston SPCA and the Galveston Island Humane Society to shelters in North Texas, according to Joining the little mouse on the flight were 56 cats, 20 dogs, and 3 rabbits, the Humane Society of North Texas wrote on Facebook.

Courtesy of Humane Society of North Texas

As soon as the animals touched down, rescuers went to work finding loving homes for all of the shelter pets. Pipsqueak quickly caught the eye of numerous potential adopters, racking up a long waitlist just 24 hours after his adoption info was posted.

The lucky little mouse ended up being matched with the family that was the best fit for him and is dry, safe, and in a forever home thanks to the hard work of numerous animal lovers.

Courtesy of Humane Society of North Texas

Transports like the ones provided by Wings of Rescue and  are crucial to saving pets during hurricanes. The transports move shelter animals out of harm's way and make room in shelters for animals displaced by storms.