The 15-year-old feline was covered in feces and in need of medical care

By Amy Jamieson
Updated September 23, 2015 07:04 PM

There’s a person driving around Rhode Island in a black Toyota without a heart.

Police tell WPRO News that a witness spotted this person abandon a 26-lb cat at Scalloptown Park in East Greenwich on Sept. 11, and now, thanks to rescuers, he’s currently in the care of the East Greenwich Animal Protection League and looking for a home.

When the cat — who has since been named Jabba — was originally found, he was matted with feces and in need of medical care, which he received at the North Kingstown Animal Hospital. The 15-year-old cat is so obese staff at the Protection League couldn’t believe their eyes when he arrived at the shelter after treatment.

“I’ve never seen a cat quite this heavy,” Nancy Davey, head of cat adoption at the league, told WPRO News. “It’s going to be extremely hard to adopt a senior cat that is severely overweight. We’ve put him on a small amount of food and we will give him exercise and he will hopefully lose some weight.”

Publicity coordinator Danielle Deely tells PEOPLE that the cat is stable but subdued right now. “Jabba had spent his first few days at EGAPL lying in bed, rarely moving. I would imagine he is depressed, not to mention he likely doesn’t feel well after all that he’s been through,” she says. “We are feeding him a strict diet, and we try to interact with him a little more every day so he’ll become more comfortable and know that he’s safe now.”

If you’re interested in giving the cat the gift of a forever home, contact the East Greenwich Animal Protection League at or call 401-884-6333.