25 Halloween Costumes for Dogs that Will Have Trick-or-Treaters Howling with Joy

From bananas to wizards, rainbows to rocket ships, dogs have options when picking out a Halloween costume this year

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Dog Halloween Costumes

Rainbow Connection

Rainbow Dog & Cat Costume By Frisco

Halloween is approaching, and most pet owners can agree one of the best parts of the holiday is getting to see your furry friend in costume. Read on to see some of the cutest Halloween outfit options available for dogs this year.

Buy it! Rainbow Dog Costume, $16.99; Chewy.com

An Appealing Look

Bootique Banana Split Pet Costume

It makes sense; the top dogs should dress as top bananas.

Buy it! Banana Split Pet Costume, $27.99; Petco.com

Charming Beast

Pet Costume for The Beauty And The Beast

This canine Beast costume is a beauty!

Buy it! The Beauty And The Beast Dog Costume, $89.99; Etsy.com

Look, Don't Touch

Thrills & Chills™ Halloween Cactus Dog & Cat Costume

The ideal costume for pooches who prefer not to be touched by strangers.

Buy it! Cactus Dog Costume, $19.99; PetSmart.com

Magically Cozy

Bootique Born to Unicorn Pet Hoodi

This hoodie costume provides comfort and style.

Buy it! Born to Unicorn Pet Hoodie, $27.99; Petco.com

In Your Dreams

Rubies Llamacorn Pet Costume

When there isn't an animal cute enough to compare to your canine, make one up.

Buy it! Llamacorn Pet Costume, $10.29; Amazon.com

Mini Me

Tipsy Elves® Halloween Skeleton Sweater for Pups + People

This is a couple's costume that people like to see.

Buy it! Halloween Skeleton Sweater for Pups + People, $24.99; PetSmart.com

Razzle Dazzle

Showgirl Dog & Cat Costume By Frisco

Dogs who love being the center of attention would do great in this flashy dancer costume.

Buy it! Showgirl Dog Costume, $17.99; Chewy.com

Jaws and Paws

Bootique Land Shark Pet Costume

Land sharks are a lot more adorable than their undersea counterparts.

Buy it! Land Shark Pet Costume, $27.99; Petco.com

Blast Off

Rocket Ship Dog & Cat Costume By Frisco

This costume is a huge step for dogkind.

Buy it! Rocket Ship Dog Costume, $16.99; Chewy.com

Need a Ride?

Frisco Headless Rider Dog & Cat Costume By Frisco

The Headless Horsemen is switching out horses for hounds this year.

Buy it! Headless Rider Dog Costume, $16.99; Chewy.com

Slice of Heaven

Bootique Pizza Me Pet Costume

For when your dog has their mind on pizza, and pizza on their mind.

Buy it! Pizza Me Pet Costume, $5.00; Petco.com

Fetching Fruit

Pineapple Dog & Cat Costume

If pineapples are a sign of hospitality, then a dog in a pineapple costume may be the most welcoming sight ever.

Buy it! Pineapple Dog Costume, $19.99; PetSmart.com

Good Soup

Pup O' Noodles Costume for Dogs
Party City

The Soup of the Day has never looked so sweet.

Buy it! Pup O' Noodles Costume for Dogs, $20.00; PartyCity.com

Zero the Hero

Disney Nightmare Before Xmas Zero Dog Costume

Let your dog lead the way on Halloween night with this light-up The Nightmare Before Christmas costume.

Buy it! Disney Nightmare Before Xmas Zero Dog Costume, $15.99; Target.com

Feed Me

Halloween Venus Fly-Trap Headpiece Dog & Cat

Growing two extra mouths is an interesting approach to getting more treats.

Buy it! Venus Fly Trap Headpiece Dog Costume, $9.99; PetSmart.com

Mean Girls Mutt

Rubie's Mean Girls Mom Track Suit Pet Costume

The perfect pooch outfit for pet parents who still wear pink on Wednesdays.

Buy it! Mean Girls Mom Track Suit Pet Costume, $22.36; Amazon.com

The 80s Rock

Keyboard Guitarist Frontal Dog and Cat Costume

Hair metal is making a comeback thanks to these cute costumes for furry music fans.

Buy it! Keyboard Guitarist Frontal Dog and Cat Costume, $10.00; Target.com

Furry Potter

Halloween Pet Costume - Harry Theme

Get your hound Hogwarts ready with this Harry Potter ensemble.

Buy it! Harry Potter Dog Costume, $55.00; Etsy.com

Green Thumb

Bootique Gnome Sweet Gnome Dog Illusion Costume

An on-brand costume for pups who spend too much time digging up the garden.

Buy it! Gnome Sweet Gnome Dog Illusion Costume, $27.99; Petco.com

Sweet Snips

Rubie's Halloween Edward Scissorhands Pet Costume

10/10 would let this Edwards Scissorhands landscape the yard.

Buy it! Edward Scissorhands Pet Costume, $19.99; PetSmart.com

All Ears

Dumbo Dog & Cat Costume By Rubie's Costume

Dogs should have no trouble hearing commands in this costume.

Buy it! Dumbo Dog Costume, $24.44; Chewy.com

Butterfly in Training

Caterpillar Dog Costume

Felines don't have a monopoly on caterpillar costumes.

Buy it! Pet Caterpillar Dog Costume, $21.99; Amazon.com

Cartoon Classic

Rubie's Nickelodeon Catdog Pet Costumes

This canine costume version of CatDog has one extra pooch.

Buy it! Nickelodeon CatDog Pet Costume, $13.17; Amazon.com

Go Nuts!

Squirrel Pirate Rider Dog and Cat Costume - Hyde & EEK! Boutique

Turn your canine into a chariot for a squirrel pirate with this simple costume.

Buy it! Squirrel Pirate Rider Dog Costume, $10.00; Target.com

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